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ASP.NET with C#.Net (Live Project Based Training - Website)

Net is a model provided by Microsoft, which is a platform as well as Language Independent. The main components of .Net are: .Net Framework, .Net compatible languages such as VB.Net, C#.Net, VC++.Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net and a runtime environment called CLR. With the help of .Net, Windows Application, Web Application, Web Services, and Mobile Applications can be developed. .Net is the only platform that supports multiple languges all of which use the common functionality provided by the framework.

Exam Details

Required Exam(s) Recommended Training
ASP.NET C# - ONLINE Exam Asp.Net Training
ASP.Net Project Asp.Net Training

Course Fee

Course Name Fast Track Regular Track Course Fee LinuxSoft Freebie
Asp.Net C# - Website Development 25 Days 45-50 Days Call @ 9828112636 with Course Details - Asp.Net Training in Jaipur:- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Introduction to .Net Framework
  • CLR Architecture and Services
  • Framework Class Library
  • Introduction To C#, Data types and control statements
  • Arrays and structures
  • Implementation of OOPs concepts
  • Exception Handling, Multithreading
  • Generics and Collection, File Handling & Memory Management
  • Introduction to ASP .Net & Web Forms
  • HTML and server controls
  • Form Validation, State Management
  • Master Page and Caching
  • Web Services, AJAX with ASP.Net & Security
  • Mail & Message, Remoting & Crystal Reports
  • Introduction to data base, Getting started with SQL server
  • Mastering SQL queries, Mastering PL/SQL constructs ( Cursors, Procedures, Functions & Triggers )
  • Architechture
  • Dataset , Connection & command
  • Data Reader & Data view
  • Schemas & Transactions
  • LST ASP.NET Online Exam - LAB Exam & Multiple Minor - Major Projects
  • Duration: 45 - 50 Days (1.5 - 2 Hours Per Day) (Live Minor-Major Projects)

    LinuxSoft ASP.NET C# Training Features:- --------------------------------------------------------

  • Training by Software Developers & Website Developers. (8-12 Years Exp.)

  • Working on Live Minor-Major Projects.

  • FREE Live Website Uploading & Website Management.

  • FREE Basic SEO & ADWORDS Concepts.

  • FREE LinuxSoft ASP.NET LAB Exam + Live Major Project implementation.

  • FREE LinuxSoft Kit that includes LinuxSoft ASP.NET Book, E-books, DVD, Discount Coupon, Placement Support Coupon, Exam Voucher, Exam Dumps, I-Card & Certificates.

  • Placement Support in TOP IT Companies without Extra charge / fee.

  • Training & Project certificates from LinuxSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India.

  • Unique Training method using PPT, CBT, Videos & Live Demo Sessions.

  • Small Batch Size & Personal Attention to each student.

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