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PHP + Database + CMS (Live Project Based Training - Website Development)

PHP is a server side scripting language which is used to create dynamic data-base driven websites. Dynamic websites Permit Company to manage their own content , interact with end users, add additional security and allow visitors to search for content. MySql is a Database which is being connected to PHP. Linuxsoft is the best php training in jaipur, php jaipur, php training in india, cms training jaipur, php training institute in jaipur & php mysql training centre in jaipur.

Exam Details

Required Exam(s) Recommended Training
PHP - ONLINE Exam PHP-CMS Training
PHP-CMS Project PHP-CMS Training

Course Fee

Course Name Fast Track Regular Track Course Fee LinuxSoft Freebie
PHP-CMS - Website Development 25 45-50 Call @ 9828112636

PHP with CMS - PHP Training in Jaipur:- ----------------------------------------------------------------

  • HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
    • Introduction to HTML
    • Basic structure of HTML
    • Formatting tags in HTML
    • Working with Table, Text Input Tags

  • CSS (Cascading Style sheet)
    • Introduction to CSS
    • CSS Structure (Syntax)
    • Classes, IDís, Margin, Padding
    • Text, Font properties
    • Width, Height, Background Properties

  • PHP Programming
    • Introduction to WAMP, LAMP, XAMP & Dreamweaver (With Installation)
    • Introduction to PHP Variables
    • Understanding Data Types
    • Using Operators
    • Using Conditional Statement (if (), else if (), else)
    • Using Repetition Statements (for, while, do while)
    • Working with Arrays
    • Working with Function
    • Classes & Objects (OOP Concept)
    • Working with Web Forms
    • First PHP Page
    • PHP on Linux

  • MYSQL Database
    • Introduction to MYSQL
    • MySQL Data types
    • Introduction to PHPMyadmin
    • Creating and Checking Tables Connection establishment with PHP
    • Connection of database table
    • Connection of queries (Retrieving & Manipulation data in MYSQL)
    • Inserting, Updating, Deleting Values into/from Tables through form
    • GET POST Data
    • Data Saving PHP/MYSQL

  • File handling, Cookies & Session handling
    • Reading data from a file
    • Writing data to a file
    • Testing file attributes
    • Handling Date & Time
    • Cookies
    • Setting Cookies
    • Retrieving Cookie
    • Creating a session
    • Managing Sessions and Using Session Variables
    • Creating a session and manage session variable
    • Error & Exception handling
    • Mailing Function / PHP (Email)
    • Advance Security Concepts & Authentication

    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Types of JavaScript variables, operators, loops
    • Using Objects, Events
    • Common JavaScript Function
    • Using JavaScript in Dreamweaver
    • JavaScript Validation
    • Introduction to AJAX & Introduction to Jquery

  • Working on CMS - WORDPRESS
    • Introduction to CMS, Structure of CMS & Types of CMS
    • Introduction to CMS & Framework
    • Introduction to Wordpress
    • Blog Creation using Wordpress
    • Working with Templates
    • Wordpress Theme & Plugin

  • PHP Mini Projects
    • Creation of database and required tables using PHPMyadmin
    • Creating login and logout pages for maintaining sessions
    • Creating forms to insert data into address book-personal details, contact details etc
    • Creating page to view the data from address book
    • Adding JavaScript for form validation
    • Adding server side validation
    • Creating page to edit or delete the records in the address book
    • Creating page to enable searching the address book

  • Working on PHP Live Major Project
    • Duration: 45 - 50 Days (1.5-2 Hours Per Day) (Live Minor-Major Projects)

      **PHP-MYSQL Normal Fee Rs 9500/- *Discounted Fee Rs 7499/- *For Group of Min 3 Students Fee Rs 6499/- (Offer Valid till 30th May)

      LinuxSoft PHP Training Features:- --------------------------------------------------------

    • Training by Software Developers & Website Developers. (8-12 Years Exp.)

    • Working on Live Minor-Major Projects.

    • FREE Live Website Uploading & Website Management.

    • FREE Basic SEO & ADWORDS Concepts.

    • FREE LinuxSoft PHP LAB Exam + Live Major Project implementation.

    • FREE LinuxSoft Kit that includes LinuxSoft PHP Book, E-books, DVD, Discount Coupon, Placement Support Coupon, Exam Voucher, Exam Dumps, I-Card & Certificates.

    • Placement Support in TOP IT Companies without Extra charge / fee.

    • Training & Project certificates from LinuxSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., India.

    • Unique Training method using PPT, CBT, Videos & Live Demo Sessions.

    • Small Batch Size & Personal Attention to each student.

Head Office: Linux Soft Technology Academy, Plot No 5, Lalkothi Scheme, Indrapuri, Behind Apex-Divya Mall, Apex Lane, Tonk Road, Jaipur (RAJ.) PH: 0141-4031790, 9828112636, 9314622544 Email:,

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